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State Bar Forms

The following forms are in Adobe .PDF format. To view them you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader Plugin.

ADA Notice and Grievance Procedure

Notice of ADA Policy
ADA Grievance Procedure

Boards and Commissions Interest Form

If you are interested in serving on a North Carolina State Bar affiliated board or commission, please complete this application in order to be considered as a candidate. 

Client Security Fund

Application for Client Security Fund

Continuing Legal Education

CLE Sponsor Forms
State Bar Member's Application for CLE Credit

Discipline Letters

Discipline History Request

Fee Dispute Resolution

Acceptable Form Letter for Compliance with Amended Rule 1.5(f)
Petition for Resolution of Disputed Fee

Foreign Legal Consultant

Application for Certification as a Foreign Legal Consultant

Good Standing, Bar App, and Bar ID Card Request

Member Request Form (Certificate of Good Standing, Bar App, and Bar ID Card Request)


Grievance Complaint Form

(Submit the form via mail or email to

If you are a complainant, you can request information about the status of a grievance at


Information Update Form
IOLTA Certification Document

Law Student Certification

Law School Certification
Certification Regarding the Rules of Professional Conduct
Summer Intern Supervising Attorney
Supervising Attorney Statement (Law School Clinic)
Field Placement Site Supervisor Statement


Petition for Transfer to Inactive Status
Petition for Reinstatement - Short Form (Inactive or Administratively Suspended 12 Months or Less)
Petition for Reinstatement - Long Form (Inactive or Administratively Suspended More Than 12 Months)

Petition For Emeritus Pro Bono Status For Inactive Members
Petition for Pro Bono Practice by Out-of-State Lawyer
Pro Bono Supervision for Emeritus or Out of State Attorney

Discipline History Request
Member Mailing List Request Form

Member Request Form (Good Standing, Bar App, and Bar ID Card Request)   
Member Name Change Form

Oath of Office

North Carolina State Bar Expense Report

Expense Report

Paralegal Certification

Paralegal certification forms can be found at the Paralegal Certification website

Prepaid Legal Services Plan Registration

Initial Registration Statement
Annual Report for Registered Prepaid Legal Services Plan
Amendment to Prepaid Legal Services Plan
Attorney Certification for Participation in Prepaid Legal Services Plan

Pro Bono

Petition For Emeritus Pro Bono Status For Inactive Members
Petition for Pro Bono Practice by Out-of-State Lawyer

Statement Regarding Pro Bono Supervision for Emeritus or Out of State Attorney
Temporary Pro Bono Practice Form (Hurricane Florence)

Attorneys from other states may now register to provide pro bono assistance to those in North Carolina who were affected by Hurricane Florence. Clink on these links to read the Administrative Order from the North Carolina Supreme Court and the Proposed Amendment to Rule .0905.

Professional Organizations

Application processing time is three to five business days from date of receipt.

PA/PC Application
PA/PC Amendment/Name Change Instructions
PA/PC Dissolution Instructions

PLLC Application
PLLC Amendment/Name Change Instructions
PLLC Dissolution Instructions

Interstate/International Law Firm (ILF) Registration
ILF Amendment/Name Change Instructions
ILF Withdrawal Instructions

Click here to read an article on authorized practice compliance issues for interstate law firms.

NC Secretary of State Website

-How to Form a Professional Corporation

Pro Hac Vice

Pro Hac Vice Admission Registration Statement and Filing Instructions

Update Form for New Sponsoring Attorney (to update a prior Pro Hac Vice Admission Registration Statement when the NC sponsoring attorney has withdrawn and a new NC attorney has been appointed)


Specialization forms can be found on the Legal Specialization website

Trade Names

Note: The NC State Bar no longer requires trade name registration. Trade/Assumed names and d.b.a.s can be filed with the Register of Deeds for the county in which your firm exists.

Trade Name Guidelines

A lawyer or law firm may be designated by a trade name, a distinctive website address, social media username, or comparable professional designation. Such designations no longer need to be registered with the State Bar, but still must comply with Rule 7.1 in that such designations cannot be false or misleading. 

For example, a law firm name or designation is misleading if it implies a connection with 1) a government agency, 2) a deceased or retired lawyer who was not a former principal of the firm, 3) a lawyer not associated with the firm or a predecessor firm, 4) a nonlawyer, or 5) a public or charitable legal services organization. See Rule 7.1 cmt. 5. Additionally, if a firm uses a trade name that includes a geographical name such as “Springfield Legal Clinic,” an express statement explaining that it is not a public or charitable legal services organization may be required to avoid a misleading implication. Id.

A trade name may also not compare a lawyer or law firm’s services with others or imply a promised result. 

If you have questions about whether a trade name complies with Rule 7.1, you may request advice from the State Bar’s ethics department by emailing

Trust Accounts

Bank Directive on NSF Trust Checks
Exemption from Random Audit

Reconcilliation Report (NEW form for monthly and quarterly reconcilliations)
Quarterly Review Report (for random transaction reviews)

Unauthorized Practice of Law

Authorized Practice Complaint Form


Website Document Providers

Pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 84-2.2, all persons, firms, or companies that operate a website that offers consumers access to interactive software that generates a legal document based on the consumer’s answers to questions presented by the software that complies with the requirements of the statute must register with the North Carolina State Bar by completing a Website Document Provider Registration before commencing operation in North Carolina. 

Renew your registration with this form.

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