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Finding the right lawyer to represent you may be the most important decision that you make when you are faced with a difficult legal matter. The lawyer that you hire should have the following:

  • Active North Carolina law license (if the matter arises out of North Carolina law)
  • Experience and knowledge in the practice area
  • Good disciplinary record with the North Carolina State Bar—check a lawyer's disciplinary record by searching our Disciplinary Order database or by calling the State Bar (919.828.4620)
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Good reputation in the community
  • Personality or temperament that is compatible with your own
  • Clear information about how you will be charged for the lawyer’s services, the services of paralegals and other employees of the lawyer, and for expenses such as copying costs and long distance phone calls

The North Carolina State Bar cannot recommend a lawyer. However, there are resources to help you find a lawyer. The best resource is a personal recommendation from a friend or family member that you trust. (Several recommendations for the same lawyer are even better.) In the absence of a personal recommendation, here are some resources for you to use in your search:

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