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Cybersecurity Incident - Update

If you filed a grievance complaint, fee dispute, authorized practice of law complaint, or Client Security Fund claim, or if you submitted any supporting materials online between September 28, 2019, and October 5, 2019, please read this page.

Finding a Lawyer

If you have a legal problem and are looking for a lawyer in North Carolina, the North Carolina State Bar has advice and resources to assist you.

Client Rights & Responsibilities

If you are a prospective consumer of legal services, this list will help explain what to expect from a lawyer in light of the lawyer's ethical obligations. It is NOT an official position of the North Carolina State Bar and is NOT enforced by the State Bar.

I Am Having a Dispute with a Lawyer

The State Bar can help you if you are not happy with your lawyer, or if your lawyer is deceased, disable, disbarred, or missing. This section also explains the disciplinary process.

Roadmap of the Disciplinary Process

This roadmap offers a more detailed explanation of the disciplinary process, and contains citations to the specific statutes and rules not contained in "What to Expect from the Disciplinary Process."

Search Past Orders of Discipline

Information about public discipline received by North Carolina lawyers from the North Carolina State Bar since 1999 can be accessed on this page, as well as information about orders of the Disciplinary Hearing Commission, the independent trial arm of the North Carolina State Bar.

Reporting and Preventing the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Under North Carolina law, only licensed attorneys may provide legal services or prepare or help prepare legal documents for another person. The North Carolina State Bar is authorized to investigate and act on reports of the unauthorized practice of law.

Helpful Links

Here you will find links to legal websites that may be helpful to members of the public.


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