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Alternatives to Filing a Grievance

You're not happy with your lawyer. You may be able to resolve the problem without filing a formal complaint against the lawyer with the North Carolina State Bar. The State Bar offers two programs to assist you.

Filing a Grievance

If you have decided that you want to file a grievance with the North Carolina State Bar, find out how to start the process.

Grievance Definitions

These definitions are used throughout this website. You should refer back to these definitions if you do not understand a term used.

What to Expect in the Disciplinary Process

The purposes of the NC State Bar’s disciplinary process are to protect the public from harm that could result from unethical conduct of lawyers, and to protect the integrity of the justice system. The process begins when allegations of possible professional misconduct come to the State Bar’s attention.

Roadmap of the Disciplinary Process

This roadmap offers a more detailed explanation of the disciplinary process, and contains citations to the specific statutes and rules not contained in "What to Expect from the Disciplinary Process."

Client Security Fund

If you believe that you lost money as a result of a lawyer's dishonesty, you may wish to file a claim with the State Bar's Client Security Fund.

My Lawyer is Deceased, Disabled, Disbarred, or Missing

These are the steps you should take if your lawyer dies, becomes disabled, is missing, or has been disbarred.
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