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Search Past Orders

View the orders of the Disciplinary Hearing Commission and Grievance Committee that are published in the State Bar Journal. Also, search for orders of the State Bar's Grievance Committee, the Disciplinary Hearing Commission, and state and federal courts imposing professional discipline, and orders transferring lawyers to disability inactive status.

Pending Disciplinary Hearing Commission Cases

View the Disciplinary Hearing Commission (DHC) trial schedule, as well as complaints and answers filed with the DHC.

Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions

Wake County Superior Court has entered injunctions prohibiting the following North Carolina lawyers from handling entrusted funds. Here you can search and view these injunctions, and sign up for emails alerts.

Reports of the Office of Counsel

Annual and quarterly reports from the State Bar's Office of Counsel.

Reports of the Disciplinary Hearing Commission

Annual reports of the North Carolina State Bar's Disciplinary Hearing Commission, the trial arm of the North Carolina State Bar which is composed of 12 lawyers and 8 nonlawyers.

Roadmap of the Disciplinary Process

The purposes of the NC State Bar’s disciplinary process are to protect the public from harm that could result from unethical conduct of lawyers, and to protect the integrity of the justice system. The process begins when allegations of possible professional misconduct come to the State Bar’s attention.

What a Lawyer Should Do When a Grievance is Filed Against the Lawyer

What you should do if you receive a Letter of Notice from the chair of the Grievance Committee

​Assessment of Administrative Fees and Actual Costs

Administrative fees and actual costs are assessed to lawyers against whom the Disciplinary Hearing Commission imposes discipline.

I Am Having a Dispute with a Lawyer

The North Carolina State Bar provides services for those who already have an attorney but have encountered problems with their representation.

Notice of Reinstatement Request

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