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The North Carolina State Bar Journal

The Journal is the North Carolina State Bar’s quarterly magazine. It contains articles covering a wide range of topics of interest to anyone involved in the legal profession and the administration of justice in North Carolina. In addition, the Journal contains timely information for members of the NC State Bar including proposed ethics opinions and rule amendments, disciplinary actions, and State Bar committee actions.

Journal Advertising

One of the most effective ways to reach North Carolina attorneys and those affiliated with the legal profession is through the North Carolina State Bar Journal.

Lawyer’s Handbook

The Lawyer’s Handbook is an official publication of the North Carolina State Bar containing the most frequently referenced rules of the NC State Bar, annotated Rules of Professional Conduct, ethics opinions adopted under the Rules and Superseded (1985) Rules, and trust account guidelines. It is published annually in March, with updates posted online in October.

Social Media

Follow the State Bar's social media feeds.

Bartalk Podcast

“BarTalk” is the official podcast of the North Carolina State Bar.

Trust Account Handbook

The Trust Account Handbook, an official publication of the NC State Bar, explains the requirements for segregating, safekeeping, and record keeping client funds, and how the random audit program works. It answers questions about establishing a trust account, deposits and disbursements from a trust account, record keeping for a trust account, and what to expect when you are selected for audit by the State Bar auditor.

Trustee Handbook

The Trustee Handbook will assist a lawyer who is appointed as the trustee for the law practice of a solo practioner who is unavailable due to death, disappearance, disability or professional discipline.

Reprint Permission

Find out how to obtain reprint permission for articles that appear in the Journal and on this website. The North Carolina State Bar's ethics opinions, Rules of Professional Conduct, and administrative rules are public records and reprint permission is not required for these materials. However, proper citation is expected.

Report on Secure Leave Policy

The North Carolina State Bar issued a Report on Secure Leave Policy at the October 2021 meeting of the State Bar Council.
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