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The following persons can also be reached by calling the State Bar at 919-828-4620.

Alice Neece Mine, Executive Director -
Peter Bolac, Assistant Executive Director
Joe Cerone, Director of Administration -
Brian Oten, Director of Special Programs -
Attorney-Client Assistance Program (receives complaints from clients)
Lee A. Ramos, Director
Diane Melching -
Courtney Pope
Sandra L. Saxton
Note: Ms. Melching receives all email inquiries, which she forwards to ACAP staff
Client Security Fund (reimbursement for client-victims of lawyer theft)
Root Edmonson -
Disciplinary Hearing Commission (DHC and final disciplinary orders)
Dottie Miani (clerk) -
Membership Information
Tammy Jackson -
Adam Maner -
Kelly Beck -
Beth McLamb -
Note: To avoid confusion, please only contact one person with your request - your email will be forwarded to the correct person within the department if it is sent to the wrong contact.
Paralegal Certification
Joy Belk -
Publication Orders/Subscriptions
Beth McLamb - For the Journal -
Diane Melching - For the Lawyer's Handbook -

(Information on submitting articles for publication consideration, media kit request, reprint permission)

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Jennifer Duncan -
Student Practice Certificates
Dottie Miani -
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