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Chapter 84A of the North Carolina General Statutes authorizes the North Carolina Supreme Court to license foreign law consultants, subject to various conditions as set forth in G.S. 84A-1 to 84A-8. The North Carolina Supreme Court approved companion rules for the licensing of foreign law consultants (see Chapter 1, Subchapter F of the Rules and Regulations of the North Carolina State Bar).

Currently, there are two certified Foreign Legal Consultants (FLC) in North Carolina, listed below:

Ms. Maria M. Travers - Licensed in Nicaragua
Certified as a FLC in May of 2014
2441 Hartfield Circle
Winston Salem, NC 27103

Mr. Esteban Guzman – Licensed in Mexico 
Certified as a FLC in August of 2018
1709 East Pine Street
Goldsboro, NC 27530-6161

Foreign lawyers and other qualified legal professionals who seek certification as foreign legal consultants in North Carolina must file the following:

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