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.0124 Retired Certified Paralegal Status

(a) Petition for Status Change - The board shall transfer a certified paralegal to Retired Certified Paralegal status upon receipt of a petition, on a form approved by the board, demonstrating that the petitioner has satisfied the following conditions:

(1) Certified for five years or more;

(2) At least 55 years of age or older;

(3) Discontinued all work as a paralegal;

(4) Paid all fees owed to the board at the time of filing the petition; and

(5) The prohibitions on certification specified in Rule .0119(b) of this subchapter are not applicable to or formally alleged against the petitioner.

(b) Designation During Retired Status - During a period of retired status, the certified paralegal may represent that he or she is a “North Carolina State Bar Retired Certified Paralegal” or an appropriate variation thereof.

(c) No Annual Requirements - During a period of retired status, the paralegal shall not be required to file an annual renewal application pursuant to Rule .0120 of this subchapter, to pay an annual renewal fee, or to satisfy the annual continuing education requirements set forth in Rule .0120.

(d) Termination of Status - Retired certified paralegal status may continue for a period of time not to exceed a total of five years (or 60 months). At the end of five years (or 60 months) of retired status, certification will lapse and, to become a certified paralegal, the paralegal must satisfy all requirements for initial certification set forth in Rule .0119(a). A certified paralegal’s status may be changed from active to retired multiple times provided the five-year (60 months) period of retired status is not exceeded.

(e) Return to Active Status - A retired certified paralegal may return to active status at any time during the five-year period set forth in paragraph (d). To reactivate the “certified paralegal” credential, the certified paralegal shall file a petition with the board, on a form approved by the board, and shall pay a reactivation fee of $50. Upon transfer to active status by the board, the certified paralegal may hold herself or himself out as a “North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal” or an appropriate variation thereof. Thereafter, the certified paralegal shall complete continuing education and file annual renewal applications as required by Rule .0120 of this subchapter.

(f) Return to Work as Paralegal - A retired certified paralegal must file a petition for return to active status within 30 days of returning to work as a paralegal. Failure to do so will result in revocation of certification. 

History Note: Statutory Authority G.S. 84-23

Adopted by the Supreme Court September 28, 2017

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