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.0201 Continuing Paralegal Education (CPE)

(a) Each active certified paralegal subject to these rules shall complete 6 hours of approved continuing education during each year of certification.

(b) Of the 6 hours, at least 1 hour shall be devoted to the areas of professional responsibility or professionalism or any combination thereof.

(1) A professional responsibility course or segment of a course shall be devoted to (1) the substance, the underlying rationale, and the practical application of the Rules of Professional Conduct; (2) the professional obligations of the lawyer to the client, the court, the public, and other lawyers, and the paralegal's role in assisting the lawyer to fulfill those obligations; (3) the effects of substance abuse and chemical dependency, or debilitating mental condition on a lawyer's or a paralegal's professional responsibilities; or (4) the effects of stress on a paralegal's professional responsibilities.

(2) A professionalism course or segment of a course shall be devoted to the identification and examination of, and the encouragement of adherence to, non-mandatory aspirational standards of professional conduct that transcend the requirements of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Such courses address principles of competence and dedication to the service of clients, civility, improvement of the justice system, advancement of the rule of law, and service to the community.

History Note: Statutory Authority G.S. 84-23

Adopted by the Supreme Court August 18, 2005

Amendments Approved by the Supreme Court: March 6, 2014

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