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One Day at a Time #1
Date: 2013
By: Edwin White
Medium: Wire shrink wrap, steel wall sculpture

Edwin White lives on the Rocky River in Silk Hope, North Carolina. He received his bachelor of fine arts from the School of Graphic Design at the University of Georgia. White has an extensive professional background, including designing and building homes, completing graphic design for businesses, and designing and prototyping medical devices. These varying experiences led to his interest in sculpture. “My most interesting and engaging sculptures are developed through problem solving,” says the artist. White works to emphasize the structure and physical presence of pieces by accentuating the connections of line and shape. He uses a combination of metal, wire, string, and plastic tubing to create intricate sculptures which have been installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces around the world.

Edwin White is an active member of the arts community of Pittsboro, North Carolina, and in 2011 he served as president of the Chatham County Artists’ Guild. His work has been commissioned for several corporate collections, including the School of Law at Duke University, United Therapeutics, and MCNC in Raleigh, North Carolina.