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Melvin Wright Receives NC State Bar’s Distinguished Service Award

Melvin F. Wright Jr. received the John B. McMillan Distinguished Service Award in Asheville, North Carolina, on July 27, 2017.


Colon Willoughby Nominated Next Vice-President of State Bar

Raleigh Attorney C. Colon Willoughby was selected by the State Bar's Nominating Committee to stand for election to the office of vice-president of the North Carolina State Bar.

Attorney M. Keith Kapp Receives NC State Bar’s Distinguished Service Award

Attorney M. Keith Kapp received the North Carolina State Bar’s Distinguished Service Award at the Wake County Bar Association’s luncheon on June 6th.

Alert: Compromised Email/Wire Instructions Fraud Continues to Target North Carolina Lawyers

The State Bar first alerted North Carolina lawyers to the compromised email wire instructions fraud scheme in April 2015. Unfortunately, over two years later, North Carolina lawyers continue to fall prey to this scam, causing millions of dollars of losses to clients and law firms.

North Carolina: All lawyers must reveal innocence evidence

AP news has published an article about North Carolina becoming the first state in the nation to require not only prosecutors, but also attorneys in private practice to reveal any evidence of innocence they become aware of after a conviction.

President’s Message regarding NCCALJ Report

In 2015, the North Carolina Commission on the Administration of Law and Justice was established to improve the administration of justice. On March 16, 2017, the Commission released its Final Report.

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Specialization Board Meeting

North Carolina State Bar, Raleigh


CLE Board Meeting

Conference Call


Quarterly Meeting of the State Bar Council

North Carolina State Bar, Raleigh

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