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Here are some examples of the kinds of conduct that the NC State Bar investigates:

• Your lawyer reveals confidential information without your permission

• Your lawyer misses important deadlines

• Your lawyer fails to tell you what is happening in your case

• Your lawyer won't turn over money s/he is holding for you

• Your lawyer engages in sexual misconduct

• Your lawyer represents someone whose interests conflict with yours

Not every disagreement between a lawyer and a client involves a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct, however. There are matters outside the jurisdiction of the State Bar as well as legal disputes that must be decided by the courts. Here are some examples of the kinds of conduct that the NC State Bar typically does not investigate.

• Complaints that a lawyer provided ineffective assistance of counsel in a criminal case, unless a court has entered an order granting the defendant relief due to ineffective assistance of counsel

• Complaints that a lawyer breached a contract or failed to pay a debt

• Complaints that a district attorney decided not to prosecute a particular individual

• Complaints that are more than six years old—with very few exceptions, grievances must be initiated within six years after the misconduct occurred

• Complaints against lawyers from other states

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