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.1512 Source of Funds

Note: The following regulations of the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program were amended by the North Carolina Supreme Court on June, 14, 2023. The new regulations will not be enforced until March 1, 2024.

The former text of the CLE regulations can be found on this page

(a) Funding for the program carried out by the Board shall come from an annual CLE attendance fee and program application fees as provided below, as well as from duly assessed penalties for noncompliance and from reinstatement fees.

(1) Annual CLE Attendance Fee – all members, except those who are exempt from these requirements under Rule .1517, shall pay an annual CLE fee in an amount set by the Board and approved by the Council. Such fee shall accompany the member’s annual membership fee. Annual CLE fees are non-refundable. Any member who fails to pay the required Annual CLE fee by the last day of June of each year shall be subject to (i) a late fee in an amount determined by the Board and approved by the Council, and (ii) administrative suspension pursuant to Rule .0903 of this Subchapter.

(2) Program Application Fee – The sponsor of a CLE program shall pay a program application fee due when filing an application for program accreditation pursuant to Rule .1520(b). Program application fees are non-refundable. A member submitting an application for a previously unaccredited program for individual credit shall pay a reduced fee.

(3) Fee Review – The Board will review the level of fees at least annually and adjust the fees as necessary to maintain adequate finances for prudent operation of the Board in a nonprofit manner. The Council shall annually review the assessments for the Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism and the North Carolina Equal Access to Justice Commission and adjust them as necessary to maintain adequate finances for the operation of the commissions.

(4) Uniform Application and Financial Responsibility – Fees shall be applied uniformly without exceptions or other preferential treatment for a sponsor or member.

History Note: Authority - Order of the North Carolina Supreme Court, October 7, 1987, 318 N.C. 711

Readopted Eff. December 8, 1994

Amendments Approved by the Supreme Court: September 22, 2016; April 5, 2018; September 25, 2019; June 14, 2023

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