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.1402 Jurisdiction: Authority

(a) Chapter 84 of the General Statutes vests in the State Bar authority to control the discipline, disbarment, and restoration of licenses of attorneys; to formulate and adopt rules of professional ethics and conduct; and to do all such things necessary in the furtherance of the purposes of the statutes governing the practice of the law as are not themselves prohibited by law. G.S. 84-22 authorizes the State Bar to establish such committees, standing or special, as from time to time the council deems appropriate for the proper discharge of its duties; and to determine the number of members, composition, method of appointment or election, functions, powers and duties, structure, authority to act, and other matters relating to such committees. The rules of the State Bar, as adopted and amended from time to time, are subject to approval by the Supreme Court under G.S. 84-21.

(b) The Supreme Court orders, entered in the exercise of the Supreme Court's inherent power to supervise and regulate attorney conduct, authorized the establishment of the Fund, as a standing committee of the council, to be administered by the State Bar under rules and regulations approved by the Supreme Court.

History Note: Authority - Orders of the North Carolina Supreme Court, August 29, 1984, October 10, 1984

Readopted Effective December 8, 1994

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