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.0901 Bylaws

(a) Each judicial district bar shall adopt bylaws for its governance subject to the approval of the council;

(b) Each judicial district bar shall submit its current bylaws to the secretary of the North Carolina State Bar for review by the council on or before June 1, 1996;

(c) Pending review by the council, any bylaws submitted to the secretary on behalf of a judicial district bar or which already exist in the files of the secretary shall be deemed official and authoritative.

(d) All amendments to the bylaws of any judicial district bar must be filed with the secretary within 30 days of adoption and shall have no force and effect until approved by the council.

(e) The secretary shall maintain an official record for each judicial district bar containing bylaws which have been approved by the council or for which approval is pending.

History Note: Statutory Authority G.S. 84-18.1; 84-23

Adopted by the Supreme Court March 7, 1996

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