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.0805 Procedures Governing Elections by Electronic Vote

(a) Judicial district bars may adopt bylaws permitting elections by electronic vote in accordance with procedures approved by the N.C. State Bar Council and as set out in this section.

(b) Only active members of the judicial district bar may participate in elections conducted by electronic vote.

(c) In districts which permit elections by electronic vote, the notice sent to members referred to in Rule .0802(e) of this subchapter shall advise that the election will be held by electronic vote and shall identify how and to whom nominations may be made before the election. The notice shall explain when the ballot will be available, how to access the ballot, and the method for voting online. The notice shall also list locations where computers will be available for active members to access the online ballot in the event they do not have personal online access.

(d) Write-in candidates shall be permitted and the instructions shall so state.

(e) Online balloting procedures must ensure that only one vote is cast per active member of the judicial district bar and that all members have access to a ballot. 

History Note: Statutory Authority G.S. 84-18

Adopted by the Supreme Court August 23, 2012

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