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.0702 Jurisdiction

(a) The committee has jurisdiction over a disagreement arising out of a client-lawyer relationship concerning the fees and expenses charged or incurred for legal services provided by a lawyer licensed to practice law in North Carolina.

(b) The committee does not have jurisdiction over the following:

(1) a dispute concerning fees or expenses established by a court, federal or state administrative agency, or federal or state official, or private arbitrator or arbitrator panel;

(2) a dispute over fees or expenses that are or were the subject of litigation or arbitration unless

(i) a court, arbitrator, or arbitration panel directs the matter to the State Bar for resolution,

(ii) both parties to the dispute agree to dismiss the litigation or arbitration without prejudice and pursue resolution through the State Bar's Fee Dispute Resolution program; or

(iii) litigation was commenced pursuant to 27 N.C. Admin. Code 1D § .0707(a);

(3) a dispute between a lawyer and a service provider, such as a court reporter or an expert witness;

(4) a dispute over fees or expenses that are the subject of a pending Client Security Fund claim, or a Client Security Fund claim that has been fully paid.

(5) a dispute between a lawyer and a person or entity with whom the lawyer had no client-lawyer relationship; and

(6) a dispute concerning a fee charged for services provided by the lawyer that do not constitute the practice of law.

(c) The committee will encourage settlement of fee disputes falling within its jurisdiction pursuant to Rule .0708 of this subchapter.

History Note: Statutory Authority G.S. 84-23

Readopted Effective December 8, 1994

Amendments Approved by the Supreme Court: May 4, 2000; March 11, 2010; August 23, 2012; September 25, 2019

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