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.0313 Registration Amendments

(a) A plan owner shall file an amendment to its registration statement (“registration amendment”) to document any change in the information provided in its initial registration statement or in its last registration renewal form. A plan owner shall file the registration amendment form contained in Rule .0315 with the secretary of the North Carolina State Bar prior to any change that requires the plan owner to file an amendment. An amendment to a plan shall not be implemented until the registration amendment is registered in accordance with Rule .0314.

(b) A plan owner shall not be required to file a registration amendment form each time there is a change in licensed North Carolina attorneys who have agreed to provide the legal services arranged by the plan.  A plan owner shall provide a current list of licensed North Carolina attorneys who agree to provide the legal services arranged by the plan with each registration renewal form as set forth in Rule .0312.

History Note: Statutory Authority G.S. 84-23; G.S. 84-23.1

Readopted Effective December 8, 1994.

Amendments Approved by the Supreme Court: August 23, 2007; September 25, 2020


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