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.0311 Annual Registration Renewal

After its initial registration, a plan may continue to operate so long as it timely files the proscribed registration renewal form and its operation is consistent with its registration statement. The plan owner shall file the registration renewal form contained in Rule .0312 with the secretary of the North Carolina State Bar and pay the annual registration fee on or before December 1 of each year. If a plan fails to file the registration renewal form and pay the annual registration fee by December 1, counsel may request the committee at its next quarterly meeting to instruct the secretary of the State Bar to serve upon the plan owner a notice to show cause why the plan's registration should not be revoked as provided in Rule .0316.

History Note: Statutory Authority G.S. 84-23; G.S. 84-23.1 

Readopted Effective December 8, 1994.

Amendments Approved by the Supreme Court: August 23, 2007; September 25, 2020

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