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.0305 Registration Requirement

A plan shall be registered with the North Carolina State Bar before operating in North Carolina. Registration shall be evidenced by a certificate of registration issued by the State Bar. No plan may operate in any manner that violates the North Carolina statutes regarding the unauthorized practice of law. No plan may operate in North Carolina unless at least one licensed North Carolina attorney has agreed to provide the legal services arranged by the plan at all times during the operation of the plan.  No licensed North Carolina attorney shall participate in a plan in this state unless the plan has registered with the State Bar and has complied with the rules set forth below.

History Note: Statutory Authority G.S. 84-23; G.S. 84-23.1

Readopted Effective December 8, 1994.

Amendments Approved by the Supreme Court: August 23, 2007; October 7, 2010; September 25, 2020

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