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.0303 Allegations of Misconduct Received by the State Bar On or After the Date of Relinquishment

(a) Post Relinquishment Action by State Bar. Relinquishment is not a bar to the initiation or investigation of allegations of professional misconduct and shall not prevent the State Bar from prosecuting a disciplinary action against the former licensee for any violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct that occurred prior to the date of the order of relinquishment. 

(b) Procedure for Investigation. Allegations of misconduct shall be investigated pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section .0100 of Subchapter 1B.

(c) Release of Information from Investigation. Information from the investigation of allegations of misconduct shall be retained in the State Bar’s records and may be released by the State Bar as required by law or as necessary to protect the interests of the public. Release may be made to, but is not limited to, the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners, any professional licensing authority, or any law enforcement or regulatory body investigating the former licensee. 

History Note: Statutory Authority G.S. 84-23 

Adopted by the Supreme Court September 24, 2015

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