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.0102 Application Form

(a) The application for certification as a foreign legal consultant form requires an applicant to supply full and complete information under oath relating to the applicant's background, including family history, past and current residences, education, military service, past and present employment, citizenship, credit status, involvement in disciplinary, civil, or criminal proceedings, substance abuse, mental treatment and bar admission and discipline history.

(b) Every applicant must submit as part of the application:

(1) a certificate from the authority that has final jurisdiction regarding matters of professional discipline in the foreign country or jurisdiction in which the applicant is admitted to practice law, or the equivalent thereof. This certificate must be signed by a responsible official or one of the members of the executive body of the authority, imprinted with the official seal of the authority, if any, and must certify:

(A) the authority's jurisdiction in such matters;
(B) the applicant's admission to practice law, or the equivalent thereof, in the foreign country, the date of admission and the applicant's standing as an attorney or the equivalent thereof; and
(C) whether any charge or complaint has ever been filed with the authority against the applicant and if so, the substance of and adjudication or resolution of each charge or complaint.

(2) a letter of recommendation from one of the members of the executive body of this authority or from one of the judges of the highest law court or court of general original jurisdiction of the foreign country, certifying the applicant's professional qualifications, and a certificate from the clerk of this authority or the clerk of the highest law court or court of general original jurisdiction, attesting to the genuineness of the applicant's signature;
(3) a letter of recommendation from at least two attorneys, or the equivalent thereof, admitted in and practicing law in the foreign country, stating the length of time, when, and under what circumstances they have known the applicant and their appraisal of the applicant's moral character;
(4) two sets of clear fingerprints;
(5) two executed informational Authorization and Release forms;
(6) a birth certificate;
(7) copies of all applications to take a bar examination or an attorney's examination or for admission to the practice of law that the applicant has filed in any state or territory of the U.S., the District of Columbia, or in any foreign country;
(8) certified copies of any legal proceedings in which the applicant has been a party;
(9) two recent 2-inch by 3-inch photographs of the applicant showing a front view of the applicant's head and shoulders; and
(10) any other relevant documents or information as may be required by the North Carolina State Bar.

(c) The application must be filed in duplicate. The duplicate may be a photocopy of the original.

(d) The application and all required attachments shall be in English or accompanied by duly authenticated English translations.

History Note: Statutory Authority G.S. 84A-1 to 84A-8

Adopted by the Supreme Court by the Supreme Court March 7, 1996

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