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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

In this season typically filled with joy and light, the Bar has experienced a dark tragedy.While the details are not yet public, we know that a Raleigh-based lawyer lost his life yesterday in a law firm shooting in Goldsboro.The State Bar is in communication with the law firm to assist in any way we can. The entire Bar sends its deepest condolences to the lawyer’s family, his law firm colleagues, the Goldsboro and Raleigh legal communities, and to all who are personally affected by this senseless act of violence.

If lawyers need support during this or any other crisis, please know that help is available.The State Bar’s Lawyer Assistance Program (NCLAP) is a free and confidential resource available to lawyers, judges, and law students.NCLAP can also help connect lawyers with local trauma specialists.Additionally, many lawyers have access to no-cost counseling sessions through the North Carolina Bar Association’s BarCARES program (free to NCBA members and through many judicial district bars).I urge lawyers to seek help if they are hurting.

During this holiday season, please keep everyone involved in this tragedy in your hearts and know that everyone at the State Bar is doing the same.

-Marci Armstrong

President, North Carolina State Bar

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