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Monday, January 31, 2022

The North Carolina State Bar adopted a report on Private Appointed Counsel Caseload and Compensation at the October 2021 meeting of the State Bar Council. The report is available here.

The State Bar Council’s interest in this issue arises from the State Bar’s concern that excessive caseloads and reduced compensation rates are preventing private appointed counsel from fulfilling their ethical and constitutional obligations to provide competent and effective representation to their clients. The report is the product of nearly two years of deliberate and dedicated study by the Subcommittee on Compensation of Court Appointed Counsel. In providing this report to stakeholders and policy makers across the state, the State Bar hopes to both highlight its concern about this crisis in North Carolina and provide information that can be utilized in seeking the changes necessary that will allow private assigned counsel the ability to represent their clients ethically and effectively as guaranteed by our constitutions. 

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