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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The North Carolina Board of Law Examiners announced the launch Monday of a new electronic system for processing bar admissions that should make the process much better for applicants, according to Executive Director Lee Vlahos. “We are very excited about this,” Vlahos said, calling it “a major step forward that will greatly enhance applicants’ experience with the admission process here in North Carolina.”

The new system is based on the creation of a secure electronic portal account for each individual applicant. Through their portals, applicants can complete and amend their application forms; upload necessary documents; check the current status of their applications (including any items needed to complete their application); communicate more promptly and reliably with their assigned analysts; and receive bar exam results. That last feature will bring the 21st Century to an experience remembered by generations of North Carolina lawyers—getting their bar exam results by US mail. The new system will expedite getting the news to applicants. Within one to two business days after the board confirms the exam scores, applicants can expect to learn that their bar exam results are available, by email and by notice posted to their portal accounts. On checking their accounts, applicants will see whether they passed and will also get their exam score. Besides being quicker, electronic delivery will also be more secure and reliable. (For many applicants, the news comes at a time in their lives when home addresses are in flux. “Applicants often forget to update their address with us during this busy time, so their results letter goes to where they used to live,” Vlahos noted.)

The basic system, developed by ILG Technologies, is already used by eight other US jurisdictions and over 17,000 applicants annually. It is going live in time for its use by North Carolina applicants for the February 2020 bar exam. 

For more information, contact Lee Vlahos, executive director, at (919) 848-4229.

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