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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Recently passed legislation redistricts relatively few counties (see table for changes). However, the new law removes subdistrict lettering from prosecutorial districts (e.g., 19A) and provides each prosecutorial district with a unique number (e.g., 19A becomes 25). Judicial district bars are coterminous with prosecutorial districts (except for the High Point District Bar). All district bars other than Districts 1, 2, 10, and 26 have been renumbered.

Because the change to the judicial district bar numbers is by operation of law, each judicial district bar is required to revise its bylaws to replace the district bar number wherever it appears. It will not be necessary to obtain State Bar approval for these bylaw changes, but each district must send the revised version of the judicial district bylaws to the State Bar for our records. In addition, each district will need to update its judicial district bar records to reflect the new judicial district bar number. The State Bar will amend its records.

In addition to revising the bylaws, each affected district must change the judicial district bar’s letterhead, signage, website, and promotional items, if any, to reflect the new district bar number.

Note: As of this posting, the superior court and district court numbers have not been changed to match the new prosecutorial district numbers. Therefore, most districts will have a different superior and district court number than the prosecutorial district (e.g., Alamance County will be District 15A for superior/district court, but District 17 for prosecutorial district/district bar). Please endeavor to educate individuals and entities in the district about this discrepancy.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Nichole McLaughlin, district bar liaison, at

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