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Friday, December 08, 2017

Judge Gary Lynn Locklear was presented with the John B. McMillan Distinguished Service Award at the Annual Buck Harris Dinner on December 8, 2017. The award was presented by North Carolina State Bar President John Silverstein. 

Judge Locklear received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and his Master’s in Business and Economics from Appalachian State University. He graduated from UNC Law School in 1979.

Upon graduation, Judge Locklear returned to Robeson County and worked for the District Attorney’s Office for three years. He left the DA's Office and worked in private practice for six years before becoming a district court judge in 1988. During his tenure on the district court bench he served as chief district court judge for five years. In 2002 he was appointed to the superior court bench and remained there until he retired in 2009.

Judge Locklear has served as the chief justice of the Lumbee Tribe, and he currently serves as the town attorney for the town of Pembroke.

What is especially noteworthy about Judge Locklear’s accomplishments during his professional life is the implementation and emphasis placed upon Law Day and Law Day activities for the Robeson County Bar. Since 2000 the Robeson Bar, under the leadership and guidance of Judge Locklear, has performed service projects each and every Law Day. As a part of the Law Day activities, Judge Locklear enlisted the assistance of the local probation and parole office, the sheriff’s department, the police department, and the local state highway patrol in order to send a message that the judicial system and all the law enforcement agencies deeply care about the welfare of those in the community. Judge Locklear’s visionary leadership greatly improved the working relationship among all of these entities that are vital to the judicial system, and greatly enhanced race relations in the Robeson County community. 

Judge Locklear’s contributions to the local bar, the legal profession, and the community as a whole make him a most worthy recipient of the Johns B. McMillan Distinguished Service Award.

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