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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

After 26 years as the North Carolina State Bar’s executive director, Tom Lunsford has given notice of his intention to resign, effective December 31, 2018. In a September letter to then State Bar President Mark Merritt, Lunsford advised that his decision to retire resulted from, “my desire to try to be useful in a different way in my seniority, and my feeling that, going forward, the State Bar will be best served administratively by my stepping aside in favor of someone else with more energy and a fresh perspective.”

No official decision has yet been made as to Mr. Lunsford’s successor. However, the State Bar’s officers have reached a consensus that the agency’s long-time assistant director, Alice Neece Mine, is the right person for the job and will be submitting her name for approval by the State Bar Council early next year. In addition to her extensive administrative responsibilities, Ms. Mine is the State Bar’s ethics counsel and a leading authority on the law of professional responsibility. She joined the State Bar’s professional staff in 1993 as assistant director and has been intimately involved in all aspects of the agency’s administration ever since. Ms. Mine is a national leader in the law of professional responsibility and is well-known to and respected by lawyers across the state.

In his remarks on the occasion of his recent installation as president of the North Carolina State Bar, John M. Silverstein praised Ms. Mine as a “nationally recognized Bar leader” and expressed the officers’ “great delight” that she has indicated her willingness to serve as executive director. Crediting Lunsford with doing a “magnificent job of assembling a loyal and dedicated staff,” he noted that his “departure after more than 37 years of service to the State Bar will provide us with an opportunity to examine our organizational structure in a new light.” 

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