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.1512 Source of Funds

(a) Funding for the program carried out by the board shall come from sponsor's fees and attendee's fees as provided below, as well as from duly assessed penalties for noncompliance and from reinstatement fees.

(1) Accredited sponsors located in North Carolina (for courses offered within or outside North Carolina), or accredited sponsors not located in North Carolina (for courses given in North Carolina), or unaccredited sponsors located within or outside of North Carolina (for accredited courses within North Carolina) shall, as a condition of conducting an approved activity, agree to remit a list of North Carolina attendees and to pay a fee for each active member of the North Carolina State Bar who attends the program for CLE credit. The sponsor's fee shall be based on each credit hour of attendance, with a proportional fee for portions of a program lasting less than an hour. The fee shall be set by the board upon approval of the council. Any sponsor, including an accredited sponsor, which conducts an approved activity which is offered without charge to attendees shall not be required to remit the fee under this section. Attendees who wish to receive credit for attending such an approved activity shall comply with Rule .1512(a)(2) below.

(2) The board shall fix a reasonably comparable fee to be paid by individual attorneys who attend for CLE credit approved continuing legal education activities for which the sponsor does not submit a fee under Rule .1512(a)(1) above. Such fee shall accompany the member's annual affidavit. The fee shall be set by the board upon approval of the council.

(b) Funding for a law practice assistance program shall be from user fees set by the board upon approval of the council and from such other funds as the council may provide.

History Note: Authority - Order of the North Carolina Supreme Court, October 7, 1987, 318 N.C. 711.

Readopted Effective December 8, 1994

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